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Rules of the Road

By registering as a member of The Firearms Round-Table-hereinafter also referred to as "TFRT" and ""-each member agrees that he or she has read, and agrees to be bound by, the following rules of conduct and disclaimers. It is further agreed that use of any of the terms "The Firearms Round-Table," "TFRT," and "" herein shall be construed to incorporate the Administrators, owners, staff, and/or associates thereof.

  1. Personal attacks, flaming, hate speech, harassment, trolling, or threats of any kind will not be tolerated on The Firearms Round-Table. Any postings of such nature will be removed immediately by Administrators, and the account of any such poster shall be subject to immediate termination at the sole discretion of TFRT.
  2. Foul language of the type normally considered inappropriate in well-mannered and respectful conversation will not be tolerated on TFRT. Blatant or repeated use of vulgar language shall be considered sufficient grounds for termination of the user's account at the sole discretion of the site Administrators.
  3. Neither SPAM nor commercial postings of any kind are permitted anywhere on The Firearms Round-Table website. Registered members may, however, post politely worded advertisements for the sale and/or purchase their of personal-i.e., non commercial-firea rms-related items only, as further outlined below:

A location for member advertisements has been provided under the forum title, "The Oxford Street Emporium," and such advertisements are permitted nowhere else on TFRT. There is no charge for this service, but it is understood and agreed by all buyers and sellers that TFRT assumes no liability of any kind for the outcome of such transactions, and participants shall further hold TFRT in all ways harmless in the event of any dispute, fraudulent intent, misunderstanding, or other dissatisfaction arising from such transactions.

Further, any registered members of TFRT may, if desired, place an unobtrusive Internet link to his or her personal place of business, or other enterprise, within the online Signature Profile each member may create. The appropriateness of such links remains, however, solely at the discretion of TFRT. Any such link may be removed, without notice to the member, if in the opinion of TFRT it is of unsuitable content.

Copyright and Disclaimer.

  1. All content of this website- ","-shall at all times remain the property of this website and/or the registered owners thereof. A copyright is hereby claimed on all content of said website, @2009, and all rights are hereby reserved.
  2. No content contained on this website may be reproduced, reposted, or in any other manner republished elsewhere, without the express and written consent of the site owners, nor may any external link to images located anywhere on this website be utilized by any public or private party, or website, external to TFRT.
  3. Any opinions and/or points of view expressed by the members of TFRT on this website are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of TFRT. TFRT makes no representation of any kind vis-à-vis the accurateness of any member-originated posting or other member communication existing on this website, nor regarding any omission, purposeful or inadvertent, which may in fact exist therein. Furthermore, all member content existing within this website is the sole responsibility of the member or members from whom said content originated. Additionally, TFRT shall be under no obligation whatsoever either to verify or to confirm the accuracy of any member statement or other content which may be placed on this website
  4. TFRT reserves the right to modify and/or delete the content of any communication on this website at its sole discretion, without notice to the originator of that content, at any time, and in any manner, it may deem appropriate.

Additional Stipulations.

  1. TFRT reserves hereby the right to revise, modify, add to, delete (whether wholly or in part), or otherwise amend the terms and conditions contained within this contract at its sole discretion, at any time, and without notice to current or former members of TFRT.
  2. The Firearms Round-Table is a privately owned website. The right is therefore reserved by TFRT to terminate the account of any member, at any time, without notice or compensation, at its sole discretion, and for any reason its Administrators may deem appropriate.
  3. The act of registration a1s a member of The Firearms Round-Table shall constitute an affirmative acknowledgement by such member that he or she agrees to be bound by and conform to the Terms of Service and policies of TFRT, together with any future modifications thereof.

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